Happy Diwali 2016 - Diwali Pooja Vidhi In Detail

Diwali festival is most historical festival in India. Diwali is an Indian festival widely celebrated in India. Happy Diwali 2016 is begin from 28th October and continues till 1st November. Here we will provide you full of information about Diwali pooja vidhi in detail which helps you to celebrate Diwali in good way. Here you right place to search anything about Happy Diwali 2016 such as
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Happy Diwali 2016 - Diwali Pooja Vidhi In Detail

Diwali is the festival of joy and which is celebrated by lighting, crackers, and decorating house. we celebrate Diwali festival by lighting deepak's to remove darkness and bring happiness. The whole day of Diwali people doing many things to forget their work such as decorate house, lighting deepak's, make rangoli's, fire crackers, and they celebrate Diwali festival with their kids too. Kids like fireworks most and they like sweets too.

Diwali Pooja Vidhi in Detail

Diwali Pooja Vidhi is most helpful to celebrate Diwali Luxmi Pooja which is held on 30 Oct 2016.
Pooja Vidhi are related to the worship of Goddess Luxmi and Lord Ganesha. Which is symbol of peace and Happiness so the people prey to Goddess Luxmi and Lord Ganesha for peace and happiness on Diwali so Pooja vidhi is most important for preying in the right way

Diwali Puja should be done at an appropriate Diwali Puja Muhurat.

 1. Atma-Shodhan (आत्म-शोधन) - which is known as self-purification.

 2. Sankalp (सङ्कल्प) - which is solemn vow to perform Diwali Puja rituals.

 3. Shanti-Patha (शान्ति-पाठ) - Shanti Patha Mantra is recited to bring peace, happiness and prosperity     in everyone's life.

 4. Mangal-Patha (मङ्गल-पाठ) - which is recited to fulfil wishes in everyone's life.

 5. Kalash-Sthapana (कलश-स्थापन) - detailed Puja Vidhi of Kalash Sthapana

 6. Bhagawan Ganapati Puja (गणपति पूजा) - Sankshipt five steps Ganesha Pujan Vidhi

 7. Nav-Graha Puja (नव-ग्रह पूजा) - Sankshipt Navagraha Pujan

 8. Shodasha Matrika-Puja (षोडश मातृका-पूजा) - Sankshipt Shodasha Matrika Pujan

 9. New Ganesha Pratima Puja (भगवान गणेश की नवीन मूर्ति की पूजा) - Shodashopachara Puja of Shri         Ganesha

10. New Shri-Lakshmi Pratima Puja (श्रीलक्ष्मी की नवीन मूर्ति की पूजा) - Shodashopachara Puja of Shri         Lakshmi

11. Maha Kali Puja (लेखनी-दावात पर महा-काली पूजा) - Maha-Kali Puja on Lekhani-Dawat

12. Saraswati Puja (बही-खाते पर सरस्वती पूजा) - Saraswati Puja on Bahi-Khata

13. Kuber Puja (तिजोरी-बक्से पर श्रीकुबेर पूजा) - Shri Kuber-Puja on Tijori-Baksa

14. Deep-Malika Puja (दीप-मालिका पूजा) - all necessary Puja steps for Deep-Malika Puja Vidhi

15. Visarjan (विसर्जन) - formal conclusion of Diwali Puja with Prayer

So this was my Diwali Pooja vidhi i hope you would like this. And i would like to wish you a very safe and sweet Happy Diwali 2016 and if you wishing us the same then please like and share our post by giving social button

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